The Latest EU Plastics Strategy is focusing on recycling

The new EU Plastics Strategy is focusing on recycling - Cofit

The European Commission has recently published (Jan 2018) the Plastics Strategy, the main reference document for the whole European plastic industry, with worldwide impacts.

PRE – Plastics Recyclers Europe approved Strategies

PRE – Plastic Recyclers Europe – is one of the most important private association representing a large set of European plastic processing companies. Last January PRE commented the guidelines and measurements outlined in the Plastics Strategy, pointing out they should be implemented swiftly and efficiently.

Furthermore EU Plastic Strategies can presently operate as a Foundation for creating a truly sustainable circular plastic market. The implementation of EU Plastics Strategies can make Europe a leading player and a global industry leader worldwide.

Plastics should become a circular industry

This can be true since the EU Plastic Strategies made a proper analysis of the issues concerning plastics. The basic goal of the strategies was the identification of barriers preventing plastics from becoming a circular industry.

The market barriers have been clearly pointed out, and actions have been planned in rendering plastic industry circular. As a consequence, the plastic industry must have the capability of adapting to changes ahead to enable sustainable production, consumption and end-of-life treatment for all plastics.

Quality recycling is core issue

EU Plastic Strategies also focused on the quality of recycling. Products should be specifically conceived for recycling; this allows for efficient collection and sorting of waste materials, with subsequent treatment through advanced recycling processes.

Cooperation of plastic industry with all involved stakeholders is therefore a must – it is required to make all necessary changes in plastics and waste markets not only in Europe, but worldwide.

All industry players, as well as public authorities and citizens, are called to join together in concrete actions and commitments. Goals set by the Plastics Strategy can give tangible outcomes only with common efforts.

Recycling is ethical, before being cheap

The plastic production market is rapidly moving towards recycled plastic processing, but not fast enough although. It is an ethical attitude based on the principle of environmental respect, wholeheartedly supported by Cofit policies, even before being an economical and money-saving issue.

The plastic market is asking for more and more advanced systems, capacble of filtering increasingly contaminated materials, aiming at cleaner and cleaner plastic applications.

Plastic recycling becomes strategic

Plastic recycling becomes then a strategic issue, which is quickly becoming essential in any sector; Cofit is particularly mindful of the optimization of recycled plastic extrusion systems in many different sectors.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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