Seven benefits from the installation of a continuous screen changer in a plastic recycling extrusion line

Seven benefits installing a continuous screen changer in plastic extrusion line

In plastic extrusion, the right screen changer for filtering process materials can be the key solution for your extrusion line; it can make the difference between profit and loss. We are listing out here below seven reasons why the installation of a continuous screen changer in a contaminated plastic extrusion line represents a winning choice.

The engineering involves your business strategy

The customized design of melt-filtration equipment for thermoplastics capable of meeting the most specific requirements is not just a matter of technology; it involves strategy, production organization and economical issues.

Commonly, a plastic extrusion line is designed and manufactured to produce plastic for various applications such as film, sheet, compounding, wire & cable, pipe, profiles, blown film, blow molding, housing, irrigation, pellets, recycling, industrial recycling, post-consumer recycling, tapes, technical articles, and more.

Recycled plastic processing impacts your business

The best solution for the above production, an extrusion system fed with recycled plastics.

The types of recycled materials you can choose from are so many and different, since the proper way to process polluted materials depends on the contamination degree; e.g. you can employ post-industrial polymers or post-consumer plastic, which is the cheapest, but also the harder to process.

Selecting the screen changer is critical

In any case, whether you decide to process recycled materials with your extrusion line, you cannot do without a screen changer. Think about the screen changer as the most critical component in your extrusion line, that can affect your business.

Your smartest choice should be the selection of a continuous changer, such as Gorillabelt T by Cofit. It is the most suitable device to process large volumes of highly-contaminated plastic without melt flow interruption.

Gorillabelt T screen changer: the right one

The technology solutions offered by Cofit in his Gorillabelt T screen changer involve automatic and unrestrainable moltening of any kind of polymer with any kind of contaminant (metal, wood, paper, textile fibres, unmelted plastic, aluminium, lead, copper. rocks, sand, and more).

Seven good reasons to choose a Gorillabelt T type continuous screen changer

With Gorillabelt T continuous screen changer you can take advance of the following benefits:

  1. Long screen changer life. The structure is made of steel and it is virtually indestructible, thus rendering the screen changer an everlasting investment; you will have your ROI – return on investment – faster than you think.
  2. Increased output, due to lower backpressure
  3. Uninterruptible applications: you do not need to stop the material flow while changing screen. The advantage opens new opportunities in your business, since you will be abe to run uninterruptible extrusion cycles for dedicated application, impossible with other non-continuous screen changers.
  4. Elimination of line shutdown increases production: if you do not need to stop frequently your extrusion line, you can simply increase production, while keeping your quality standard high.
  5. No wear surfaces means no melt leaks, and this means very low maintenance rates, near to zero.
  6. No seals to replace means no need for ordinary maintenance and cost reduction.
  7. Easier operator access and less interference– screen changer parameters are controllable and settable from a control panel; the operator presence is not required, and personnel costs decreased.

It can make a difference between profit and loss

Consider a continuous screen changer for your extrusion line – it can be the key issue of your system, and it can make the difference between profit and loss. Think about installing our Gorillabelt T  screen changer.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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