Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plastics extrusion system

In plastics recycling process, several aspects must be considered to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of recycled plastics extrusion systems: sorting, grinding, shredding, washing, filtering, extrusion, just to name a few.

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We have focused our 50-year experience on designing and manufacturing the best performing screen changers for plastic extrusion. Relying on top-notch technology, we have pushed the limits to design and manufacture cutting-edge automatic and continuous screen filters. We have focused on screen filters because choosing the correct screen changer for a plastic extrusion system has become strategic for improving your overall business.

How to run a smarter plastic extrusion system?

How can a screen changer help to run a better, smarter, faster, more profitable and more flexible plastic extrusion system? Equip your plastic extrusion line with Cofit automatic and continuous screen changers and you will be enabled to:

  • Reduce material waste to zero: Cofit automatic and continuous Gorillabelt T screen changer is a zero-melt-waste solution: include Gorillabelt T in your recycling plastics extrusion system and you will use 100% of your raw material, with no scrap or waste – a way to make your system much more efficient and your business more profitable.
  • Reduce personnel costs: Cofit Gorillabelt T screen changer delivers unrivalled automation levels, besides user-friendly programming and configuration. You will be able to run a 24/7 production with no interruptions or downtimes nor personnel attendance. Moreover, Gorillabelt T doesn’t require frequent maintenance interventions or shutdowns, thus minimizing personnel costs.
  • Save energy: upon integrating an automatic and continuous screen changer into a plastics extrusion line, power consumption is a key factor. Gorillabelt T max power consumption is lower than 25 kWh – the lowest in its category on similar systems.

The right screen changer to improve your extrusion system efficiency & effectiveness

If you choose an automatic and continuous screen changer for your recycled plastic extrusion system, you will make the most of your recycled plastic extrusion line, both in the long and in the short run – it will be your system key element, improving your system efficiency and effectiveness, and it will positively impact on your business and profits.

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