How automatic and continuous screen changers can enhance your extrusion line for recycled plastic processing

How automatic and continuous screen changers ehnance your extrusion line

If you are running a plastic recycling extrusion line, you already know that contaminant filtering is one of the most important job to accomplish. This job has a name: screen changer. An automatic and continuous screen changer in your plastic extrusion line allows for 24/7 material processing, as well as for uninterrupted production applications (film, in example).

You will read the ten best reasons why including an automatic and continuous screen changer in a contaminated plastic extrusion line is a winning choice.

The engineering involves your business strategy

The customized design of melt-filtration equipment for thermoplastics capable of meeting the most specific requirements is not just a matter of technology; it involves strategy, production organization and economic issues.

Commonly, a plastic extrusion line is designed and manufactured to produce plastic for various applications such as film, sheet, compounding, wire & cable, pipe, profiles, blown film, blow molding, housing, irrigation, pellets, recycling, industrial recycling, post-consumer recycling, tapes, technical articles, and more.

 Recycled plastic processing impacts your business

The best solution for the above production, an extrusion system fed with recycled plastics.

The types of recycled materials you can choose from are so many and different, since the proper way to process polluted materials depends on the contamination degree; e.g. you can employ post-industrial polymers or post-consumer plastic, which is the cheapest, but also the harder to process.

 Select the screen changer depending on your goals

In any case, whether you decide to process recycled materials with your extrusion line, you cannot do without a screen changer. Again, if you decide to employ the cheapest raw materials, you need the most advanced and powerful screen changer. If you want to run your production line 24/7 to produce the most profitable, non-interruptible application, then you need the most highly advanced, powerful, automatic and continuous screen changer.

When taking this decision, consider that the selection of the most critical component in your extrusion system will influence your business and your profits.

Cofit Gorillabelt T is the correct unit for processing large volumes of highly contaminated plastic without interrupting the extrusion flow, with no personnel intervention required.

Gorillabelt T: the most advanced screen changer

The technology solutions developed with Gorillabelt T allow automatic and unrestrainable moltening of any kind of polymers with any kind of contaminants (metal, wood, paper, textile fibers, unmelted plastic, aluminum, lead, copper. rocks, sand, and more). This is possible because Gorillabelt T screen changer guarantees an uninterrupted melt flow process without any significant pressure peak during screen changes.

Ten reasons to choose Gorillabelt T as the perfect automatic and continuous screen changer

With Gorillabelt T automatic and continuous screen changer you can enjoy significant benefits:

  • 24/7 production with no interruptions or downtimes
  • production ofexcellent-quality materials with zero or extremely low levels of impurities
  • extrusion run with cheaper raw materials, e.g. highly-contaminated post-consumer plastic, up to 10% contamination level
  • processability of most thermoplastics, including PET
  • automation level increase, Gorillabelt T easily configurable and programmable
  • production output increase, Gorillabelt T ensures steady production rates
  • material waste reduction to less than 1%
  • reduction of maintenance and personnel costs involved in manual operations
  • reduction of system shutdown
  • power savings

A suitable screen changer can improve your business

The selection of an automatic and continuous screen changer for your recycled plastic extrusion line is a winning choice, both in the long and short run; it can be the key issue of your system, and it can significantly affect your economics. Check our Gorillabelt T screen changer.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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