Run your plastic extrusion system better, faster, cheaper

Of course, technically speaking, our plant manufactures automatic and continuous screen changers. But we encourage you to see it in a different way.

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We’d like you to see your plastic extrusion system with our latest-technology screen changers installed and well-tuned. With our automatic and continuous screen changer in your system, we’ll enable you:

  • To start a 24/7 production, because our screen changers do not need attending or maintenance
  • To increase your productivity, because our screen changers are the fastest on the market, and downtime is reduced to zero.
  • To save your money, by using cheaper materials: with Cofit screenchangers you can use the cheaper raw material for your extrusion, e.g. highly-contaminated post-consumer and post-industrial plastic.

Therefore, the very reason for your interest in our screen changers should be not just because our devices are the most performing on the market, but because your business will be better: more productive, less problems, less expenses.

Check our screen changer on our website, contact us for any additional information, and join us on Linkedin

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