Gorillabelt T, the pace-setting screenchanger – how it works

The most advanced automatic and continuous screen changer

What features a top-notch automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion systems? Why can it increase your business efficiency?

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In order to optimize the efficiency of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled plastic extrusion lines it is required to equip them with an automatic and continuous screen changer.


Efficiency enhancement of plastic extrusion lines by means of a cutting-edge automatic and continuous screen changer is attributable to three key factors. A top-notch automatic and continuous screen changer results in:

  1. Top line efficiency when producing perfectly clean plastic, thus offering the chance to manufacture high quality and value-added solutions.
  2. Short- and medium-term cost efficiency – its uninterrupted 24×7 operation offers maintenance staff minimising, no maintenance machine downtimes, use of cheaper raw materials (post-consumer recycled plastic), minimized power consumption if compared to traditional screenchangers, besides zeroing of raw material waste.
  3. By using recycled plastic, the line helps to limit the overall demand for new plastic, thus reducing impact on environment and contributing to existing plastic disposal as well.


Have a look at how Gorillabelt T works. Gorillabelt T is the pace-setting automatic and continuous screen changer intended for plastic extrusion lines.

Gorillabelt T operation features 8 key factors that make it the most advanced plastic filtering system.

1. Uninterrupted operation

Gorillabelt T is a top-notch automatic and continuous screen changer and it has been designed to avoid production interruptions or continuous operation supervision.

As you can see from the video, the screenchanger design makes the material flow uninterruptedly, without any significant fluctuation in physical parameters during automatic filter changing. As a matter of fact, Gorillabelt features two different filtering channels – each of which relying upon its own filtering device – that can work independently at mesh changing.

The relevant parameters can be changed and set according to production needs, besides being remotely controlled. In other words, no need for dedicated qualified personnel to be present for filtering system surveillance and control, combined with continuous operation.

2. Filtering heavily contaminated post-consumer plastic

Gorillabelt T immediately makes your plastic extrusion system more efficient as it processes heavily contaminated, highly cost effective and easy-to procure raw materials.

Gorillabelt T offers the chance to produce perfectly clean plastic as it filters smart raw materials, such as post-consumer plastic with a pollution level as high as 10% and over.

3. Zero waste

When standard screen changers are used, a part of raw material is discarded during the filtering process because of specific screenchanger operating modes at impurity filtering stage along the extrusion line.

Gorillabelt T has instead been designed to zero material waste, thus turning all material into clean plastic without any scraps.

4. Getting highly clean plastic material

Besides zeroing raw material waste, Gorillabelt T offers top quality filtering outcomes, getting unrivalled performance levels in its category.

To obtain extremely clean polymers from a filtering process is essential for the overall plastic extrusion system efficiency: it offers the chance to get top quality value-added solutions and materials, and the resulting end product can be used for the most complex and valued applications.

Gorillabelt T filters plastic materials up to 50µ – in other words, the best performing screen changer in its category.

5. Minimized pressure drop at filter changing

Filter changing is a key step for plastic extrusion filtering systems. One of the essential aspects of an automatic and continuous screenchanger is to keep pressure unchanged at filter changing. Keeping pressure unchanged is essential to end product quality. Any pressure drop or peak during filtration can affect end product, resulting in flaws or compromising quality.

Gorillabelt T has been designed to minimize pressure peaks at filter changing, thus limiting pressure fluctuations at 5-10 bar, i.e. fluctuations are lower than in the majority of screenchangers. This makes Gorillabelt T operate in a more stable production process, thus resulting in higher end product quality.

6. PET and Nylon

PET and Nylon can be hard to be filtered. Indeed, PET and Nylon fluidity vary significantly at first extrusion cycle thus turning PET and Nylon into unstable materials that are difficult to be processed.

Gorillabelt T has been designed to filter any kind of plastic material: besides pellet, film, sheet, pipe, cable, profile, and others, Gorillabelt T filters PET and Nylon delivering top-quality outcomes.

7. Energy saving

In a plastic extrusion line, automatic and continuous filtering systems require substantial quantity of energy to operate. A fortiori, this aspect is essential when considering that they can work 24/7, uninterruptedly. Needless to say, energy efficiency becomes an essential characteristic for automatic and continuous screen changers.

Gorillabelt T maximum energy consumption is lower than 25 kWh, i.e. minimized need for energy if compared with energy consumption by similar systems. To equip your plastic extrusion system with an energy-efficient screenchanger results in immediate savings, as it is started, with no need to wait for traditional Return on Investment time span.

8. Designed for easy maintenance

Gorillabelt T does not require frequent maintenance interventions; anyway, this automatic and continuous screen changer has been designed to offer monitoring of its component parts and convenient interventions, if any.

All Gorillabelt T component parts are exposed and easily accessible. Gorillabelt T structure has been designed to prevent accidental impacts on the most important machine components.

The lack of obstructions makes maintenance interventions on Gorillabelt T very easy and quick.

COFIT International

Cofit International is a leading company in providing filtering solutions to plastic extrusion systems and manufacturing automatic and continuous screenchanger to recycle post-consumer and post-industrial plastic – today, Gorillabelt T is the pacesetter for automatic and continuous screen changers.

At Cofit, we design customized solution shoulder to shoulder with your technicians to improve your plastic extrusion outcomes.

Cofit deals with research, designing, manufacturing and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers intended for post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials.

Contact us to enhance your plastic filtering system, to receive any additional information about our products. Join us on LinkedIn.


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