Cofit International introduced Gorillabelt T at K 2019

Cofit introduces Gorillabelt T at K 2019

Mr Alessandro Fabbri, Cofit International General Manager, introduced Gorillabelt T at K 2019 – in an interview he talked about the most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion.

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K 2019, held in Düsseldorf last October, has proved to be the most important plastic industry event of the year. The exhibition hosted the latest developments in the sector and unveiled ground-breaking innovations in the plastics and rubber industry.

Besides other products, at K 2019 Cofit introduced Gorillabelt T, one of the most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion. Here comes a short interview with Mr Alessandro Fabbri, Cofit International General Manager, taken by Tecno Edizioni Group in Düsseldorf at the end of the exhibition.


Q. “K 2019 has been a hell of a show; a lot of companies came here from a troubled situation, but we found a few important exceptions. Mr Alessandro Fabbri – COFIT International Marketing Manager – what was your experience here at K 2019? “

Alessandro Fabbri: “K 2019 has proved to be surprisingly good for COFIT INTERNATIONAL. We arrived at K 2019 expecting a limited feedback from it, but we actually experienced a totally different exhibition. A large number of visitors met us at our booth, on weekdays as well as over the weekend; I was rather surprised, but definitely really happy about it.”


Q.“Circular Economy was one of the key issues addressed at K 2019, as well as Recycling. I believe Cofit International is working hard on this.”

A.F.: “Exactly. We have been manufacturing automatic screen changers and filters for plastic extrusion for over 50 years – in other words, we have been specializing in automatic solutions for plastic filtering and recycling for long. Nowadays, recycling is one of the most important issue of our time worldwide. And we are ahead of the game. We are fully aware of market needs and our efforts are fully involved in it. Therefore, there is a lot of people interested in our products, and in recycling.”


Q.“Do you have any news you are willing to share with us?”

A.F.: “Yes, sure. At K 2019 we introduced our new Gorillabelt T, which is an innovative automatic and continuous screen changer. It’s a brand-new solution for plastic extrusion industry – a new product that has been widely appreciated by our customers. Gorillabelt T is having a great success.


Q.“Currently, COFIT International business goes worldwide. Do you want to add something to the news you provided here at K 2019?”

A.F. “Sales volumes are still small, but our products and services are sold all over the world.  Recycling business is booming everywhere. In some countries there is a growing interest in recycling issues, while in some other countries recycling is not the number-one priority in companies yet. Anyway, plastic recycling is an increasingly topical issue and the interest in recycling is very high.”


As stated by Mr Alessandro Fabbri, Gorillabelt T – the only zero melt waste solution available on the market – is the most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic recycling, designed and manufactured by Cofit for heavy recycling and high filtration levels.

Cofit International is a leading company in providing filtering solutions to plastic extrusion systems and manufacturing automatic and continuous screenchanger to recycle post-consumer and post-industrial plastic – today, Gorillabelt T is the pacesetter for automatic and continuous screen changers.

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