Continuous screen changers for the production of plastic film

Continuous screen changers for the production of plastic film

Worldly production of plastic film is ongoingly increasing, thus rocketing its demand and growing interest in it.

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Plastic extrusion film is required by several applications. Consumers themselves are contributing to boost plastic film market growth.


Plastic film is used in the most varied sectors:

  • Film intended for generic packaging
  • Film intended for household care products
  • Film intended for food packaging
  • Film intended for building and construction
  • Film intended for furniture and fittings
  • Film intended for agriculture
  • Film intended for medical applications

The growing interest in plastic film is due to the connection of plastic film with high tech or high innovation productions. Plastic film is widely used in such sectors as agriculture, medical products, building, characterized by ongoing uptake of innovation and requiring production processes to be kept up to date in a very short time.

High-quality plastic film – if not impurity-free film – is essential for the above productions.


The most required and valued plastic film solutions offer high-level filtration. In end applications, the required filtering levels may exceed 10 microns. In other words, the plastic film manufactured at such filtration levels is almost impurity free, and consequently suitable for the most demanding sectors, such as the food and medical ones.


High purity and high quality levels required by cutting-edge sectors require an efficient filtering system to be included in the plastic extrusion process, i.e., a screen changer – preferably continuous – offering high filtering capacity.

Certainly, the first step towards an impurity-free plastic film is to use virgin or low-contaminant polymers. Virgin plastics is essential for the production of high-quality film. Nevertheless, as of today, and in view of environmental sustainability, virgin polymers are often combined with a varying percentage of recycled polymers.


Therefore, it is necessary – and required by several regulations in force – to provide for the use of recycled plastic in high-quality film extrusion lines as well. Moreover, the use of recycled plastics contributes to production cost optimization: recycled plastic cost is lower than virgin polymer one.

A high-filtering continuous screen changer represents not only a technical option but a solution to optimize the overall production process.


A continuous and self-cleaning screen changer is a farsighted solution to address several issues connected with the production of plastic film:

  • Compliance with regulations in force
  • Use of recycled materials, thus lowering production costs
  • Production sustainability
  • Impurity screening for value-added applications


Cofit AP series includes manual, continuous and self-cleaning screen changers offering unrivalled filtering capacity, suitable for the production of high-quality film.

Cofit AP screen changers are suitable for plastic film intended for the most varied applications – food and medical ones included – and can be used with most of thermoplastic polymers – in particular, BOPP and BOPET.

Cofit AP screen changers have been designed without any motors, or hydraulic or pneumatic components – in other words, operation interruptions for maintenance interventions are minimized, thus making AP screen changers amazingly simple and sturdy, besides extending their life cycle if compared with more complex screen changers.

AP simple operation is combined with remarkable sturdiness (AP can stand over-500-bar pressure) and extremely high filtering levels (exceeding 10 microns).

Cofit AP continuous screen changers require minimized maintenance interventions and extremely low investments. Have a look at AP technical data sheet.

Cofit deals with research, designing, manufacturing and distribution of continuous screen changers, either automatic or manual, intended for any sector and process material, in particular BOPP and BOPET film. Contact us to see how a continuous screen changer can optimize your plastic extrusion process.

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