A smarter, faster and more flexible plastic extrusion system

At Cofit, we have spent more than 50 years in designing and manufacturing screen changers intended for plastic extrusion. Today, besides traditional screen changers, we design and manufacture cutting-edge automatic and continuous screen changers. If you run a plastic extrusion system, make this kind of device your strategic solution to increase your business profitability.

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But how to design and manufacture a smarter, faster and more flexible plastic extrusion system?

Imagine your plastic extrusion line equipped with Cofit streamlined automatic and continuous screen changers. Cofit automatic and continuous screen changers will enable your extrusion system to:

  • Produce any type of thermoplastics including PET because our screen changers process any plastic material – PET, recycled plastics, and post-consumer raw materials included. Material differentiation will increase your business flexibility.
  • Increase production output – Cofit screen changer processing output reaches 3,000 kg/hour, besides being maintenance and downtime free.
  • Increase production and become more profitable and efficient – Gorillabelt T is a zero-melt-waste solution.

Rely on Cofit screen changers, the best performing screen changers on the market, underpinned by Cofit long lasting expertise. Your business will be better: smarter, faster and more flexible.

Have a look at our screen changers on our website, contact us for any additional information, and join us on LinkedIn.

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