Plastic extrusion systems

Extrusion line cost optimization

Extrusion line cost optimization

At the manufacturing stage of a continuous plastic extrusion line, certain choices prove to have a significant economic importance with a view to production cost optimization. Selecting the right filtration system and screen changer can move the needle on quality performance and cost effectiveness.

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Ottimizzare i costi di una linea di estrusione

Ottimizzare i costi di una linea di estrusione continua

Nella realizzazione di una linea di estrusione plastica continua, alcune scelte possono avere una valenza economica importante, nell’ottica di ottimizzare i costi di produzione. Scegliere la filtrazione adeguata e il cambiafiltro adatto può fare la differenza a livello qualitativo ed economico.

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How the Cofit AP series continuous screen changer works

How a continuous screen changer works

Which are the operating principles of Cofit AP series screen changer? Particularly suitable for BOPP and BOPET film, Cofit AP manual, continuous, self-cleaning, and maintenance-free screen changer is a best-in-class performing, sturdy, and cost-effective solution.

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Come funziona il cambiafiltro continuo della serie AP di Cofit

come funziona un cambiafiltri continuo - AP di Cofit

Quali sono i principi di funzionamento di un cambiafiltro manuale, continuo e autopulente della serie AP, in particolare per film di BOPP, BOPET, che non richieda manutenzione?

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AP – Continuous and self-cleaning screenchanger

AP - Continuous self-cleaning screenchanger

Extrusion systems must be equipped with the right filtering equipment such as a screen changer to produce high-quality products.

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Industry 4.0 in screen changers for plastic extrusion

Industry 4.0 vision in screen changers for plastic extrusion

As a plastic plant manager, you are often required to make decisions about how to introduce innovation, new processes, and new systems in plastic production.

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Sell and purchase recycled plastic - Clearchem
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Cofit International introduced Gorillabelt T at K 2019

Cofit introduces Gorillabelt T at K 2019

Mr Alessandro Fabbri, Cofit International General Manager, introduced Gorillabelt T at K 2019 – in an interview he talked about the most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion.

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Gorillabelt T, the pace-setting screenchanger – how it works

The most advanced automatic and continuous screen changer

What features a top-notch automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion systems? Why can it increase your business efficiency?

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High-level filtration screenchangers to recycle post-consumer plastic

Post-consumer plastic recycling: advanced screenchangers

Post-consumer recycled plastic is an invaluable resource to produce eco-friendly high-quality affordable plastic.

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