Post-consumer plastic recycling: filtering in plastic extrusion systems

Post-consumer plastic recycling in screen changers

In plastics industry, filtering post-consumer waste is becoming increasingly strategic. In the circular economy era, using clean raw materials for plastic extrusion is getting less accessible and more expensive.

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Recycling post-consumer plastics

When your business is plastic production, raw material procurement is a key issue. The best solution is to use recycled post-consumer plastics, which have been processed in compliance with the strictest standards. Virtually, post-consumer plastic is an inexhaustible resource to recycle, besides being environment friendly, and cost efficient.

At the same time, post-consumer plastic recycling can significantly improve your plastic business, besides preventing environmentally unfriendly waste depots.

Filtering plastics is a complex challenge

Including post-consumer plastic recycling and filtering in your systems to get clean application from a plastic extrusion process is undoubtedly a complex challenge. It often happens that cheaper raw materials are highly contaminated and mixed with other materials, becoming the most difficult to process. So, the real challenge is to improve your filtering technology to remove the largest part of contaminants.

Considering the overall plan, plastic recycling systems using post-consumer waste prove to be the most forward-thinking, cost-effective, and flexible plastic extrusion systems. In such a scenario, screen filtering becomes the key technology, and screen changers the key devices.

The most advanced screen changer for filtering highly contaminated post-consumer waste

Gorillabelt T is the most advanced screen changer for filtering smart raw materials, e.g. highly contaminated post-consumer plastics. This automatic and continuous screen filter can process up to +10% contamination level.

This means you can immediately start a money-saving production process by processing cheap highly contaminated materials of any kind, like HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, PC, PA, PMMA, and more.

A zero-melt waste solution

Equipping an extrusion line with standard screen changers to filter impurities implies that a certain amount of plastic material is necessarily wasted, due to filtering mode.

Gorillabelt T has revolutionised the filtering industry: zeroing melt waste, plastic production lines will process any raw materials deriving from post-consumer plastics with no waste at all.

Getting top clean products from recycled plastics

If you apply a zero-waste filtering process, you can deliver extremely clean polymers to manufacture top quality and enhanced value applications and materials.

From a technical point of view, one of the most important key factors to final product quality and value is screen changer filtering level. If your screen changer provides a 50µ filtering level approx. you can rely on an excellent filtration and your plastic production is suitable for very complex applications in the plastic industry, i.e. the most profitable ones.

Today, Gorillabelt T is based on the most advanced technology in plastic filtering and its filtering performance reaches 50µ. Find out more about Gorillabelt T

Cofit International is at the forefront of filtering in plastic extrusion system, manufacturing automatic and continuous screen filters for plastics recycling, and post-consumer plastic recycling – Gorillabelt T is the most advanced automatic and continuous screen filter on the market and offers zero melt waste. We are ready to support your plastic extrusion business in choosing the right solution.

COFIT International

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacturing and distributing automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials.

Contact us to upgrade your plastics extrusion filtering system, ask for further details about our products. Download our 3D diagrams, follow us on LinkedIn.

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