2017 Continuous Screen Changers Industry Report – Global Market Scenario and Growth strategies

2017 countinuous screen changers industry report

Global Info Research recently released on January 2018 a very important industry report, focused on continuous screen changers market and industry, including global market scenario and growth strategies. This report provides a complete overview about continuous screen changers industry market.

The continuous screen changer industry market

A continuous screen changer is a machine that filters out impurities in the polymer extrusion process without interrupting the process when a dirty screen needs to be changed. An efficient screen changer is crucial in a plastic extrusion line; the selection of the right screen changer is key for saving money and energy, reduce costs and personnel, increase throughput rates and accelerate your extrusion line, reduce waste, and reprocess post-consumer recycled plastics, which is the cheapest raw material in extrusion.

A continuous screen changer is used in melt filtration processes where contaminants can clog up screens in a short time. Consequent process interruptions are expensive and production gets slower. Extrusion processes need continuous screen changers to develop applications including film and sheet, pipe and profile, resin production, compounding, blow molding, nonwovens, and more.

Identifying revenue growth and profitability in screen changers market

Global Continuous Screen Changers Market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends. This report refers to 2017 activities of the most important actors in plastic market. Consulting this report is crucial if you are involved in plastic extrusion production or market, or whenever you need to identify the products and the end users driving revenue growth and profitability.

The report points out analysis of raw materials, the main features of product circulation and of sales channels, and a classification of buyers, as well. This allows you to have a complete vision of industrial development and characteristics of the continuous screen changers market.

Continuous screen changers market will increase

Continuous screen changers market is expected to a significant growth. This is mainly due to increasing demand in the application in machinery and equipment’s industry.

All report’s considerations are based upon 2017 scenery. In 2018 Cofit will be one of the main actors in changing balances in continuous screen changers international market: new products, new alliances, new offering; e.g. on January, 2018 Cofit established a solid partnership with Erema for western US territories sales.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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